Team Building / Zusammenarbeit /Travail en équipe

In today’s international companies and organisations, colleagues work in teams, either in the same office or across borders. Issues often arise in relation to Management, Expectations, Decision-Making, Project Management and Communication Styles.

We design Team Building workshops to:

  • facilitate the building of interpersonal relationships.
  • develop mutual understanding and respect.
  • identify personal and cultural differences and explore ways in which they can be understood and integrated.
  • provide solutions, guidelines and techniques to optimize the team building process.

Workshop topics include, among others:

  • The ways in which culture impacts business, personnel and teams
  • Self-awareness exercises to help identify areas of conflict within a team
  • Consensus-building on team goals and objectives
  • Decision-making processes
  • Evaluating the underlying cultural roots of differences
  • Exploring ways in which differences are accepted and worked with
  • Establishing strategies to resolve current and future problems