Management / Leadership / Führung / Gestion

Topics for training include, among others

  • Basic Principles and Methods – the fundamentals of Excellence in Management and Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership – using Thought Processes and Personality Traits to achieve goals now and in the future
  • Personality and Behaviour
  • Managers as Communicators
  • Leaders as Models
  • How to lead Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Managing difficult workplace situations

Excellence in Management/Leadership is the key to harmonious and successful functioning of a company or an organisation. It is also a driver for success.
Staff motivation and creativity reflects the quality of the managers and leaders.

We also offer focused workshops in the following areas:

  • Management/Leadership and Trust – Trust is a pillar of inspirational and creative Management/Leadership
  • Cross-cultural Management – Managing and leading people/teams effectively from diverse cultures

Trust is a basic component of human interaction. However, major world crises have severely shaken trust in leaders and managers. time4com is the only training company to offer 1/2 –day seminars focusing on not only how trust can be built up and constitute a major factor of success but also on how trust can be re-established after a crisis. Dr. Chipman has contributed to state-of-the-art publications on this topic.

time4com has a special focus on Intercultural Issues and an extensive experience training Management and Leadership to function effectively in a globalising world.