We offer a series of programs in Human Communication ranging from basic aspects to highly focused issues and target groups.
They are designed to:

  • enhance communication skills.
  • promote awareness of one’s own verbal and non-verbal behaviour and how to manage it.
  • become able to read and interpret verbal and non-verbal cues in others.
  • enhance rhetorical skills.
  • develop effective writing skills.

Workshop topics include among others

  • Interpersonal Communication and Dialogue Facilitation
  • Communication with the Media – press releases, interview skills, media appearances on film and TV
  • Effective Telephone Skills – how to achieve objectives in an oral medium
  • Corporate Writing Skills – powerful letter writing skills for companies, organisations, funds, NGOs, administrations and governments
  • Managing e-mails, intranet communication, social network communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Development of Regional and Worldwide Webcasts – we cover all aspects of planning and interaction to make webcasts informative, interesting and stimulating. time4com recently developed a worldwide webcast for a major international IT corporation.


Interpersonal Effectiveness: Special training for airline personnel / Ausbildung für Flugpersonal / Formation pour compagnies aériennes

time4com has experience working with airline personnel. We offer this 2/3-day specialised workshop to provide the foundation of excellent interpersonal dealings for in-flight personnel, ticketing agents, security staff, HR professionals and all team managers. It covers the essentials of verbal and non-verbal communication, of how to deal with difficult situations and people (unruly behaviour, air rage, threats), how to function effectively within the airline hierarchy, how to deal with crises.