We offer state-of-the-art seminars and workshops in:

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Train the Trainer programs


The Aims of our training programs are to:

  • provide participants with cutting-edge tools, concepts and methods that can be transferred to everyday work situations.
  • undertake reality-based practical exercises focused on company-specific internal situations in order to enhance personal learning.
  • provide for participants a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas, practices and constructive evaluations.
  • stimulate thinking and planning about integration of new knowledge into everyday practices.


  • Every workshop is customized to the needs of the client.
  • Trainers provide short and specific inputs (basic concepts, models, important research results).
  • The theoretical approach is eclectic, covering traditional approaches as well as cutting-edge contemporary concepts.
  • The format of the workshop alternates trainer inputs with group work and general discussions.
  • Trainers actively involve participants and encourage them to talk about their own experiences.
  • Inputs are discussed and related to everyday practices.
  • Participants are asked to analyze and provide viable short and long-term solutions to case-studies related to their work.
  • Participants are asked to carry out personal projects which reflect the integration of their newly-acquired knowledge.

The theoretical elements of the workshop will are presented in short inputs, no longer than 20-30 minutes. Learning studies have shown that this is an optimal time span during which attention remains high and focused.

Interaction between participants and trainers guarantees that attention remains high. Participants are therefore encouraged to interact as often as they desire with the trainers and other participants especially when they work in groups.

Learning implies work on oneself – “Know thyself” is already amply discussed in the writings of the Greek philosopher Plato. Increasing self-awareness and
self-perception is an essential learning tool. Cognitive theory has shown that such work also enhances the consolidation of new learning in long-term memory.

The mix of theoretical input, group discussions and self-analysis is a proven recipe for achieving learning goals. We have used it with much success and excellent feedback.


All our training programs are developed on a modular basis.

Short programs typically involve 1-2 days training, longer programs 3-5 days which can be carried out in blocks of 2+2+1 or 3+2.

We strongly recommend a follow-up day within six months of the training program.