time4com provides consulting and services on the following topics:.

Moderation/Corporate Dialogue Facilitation – We run Senior Management Workshops, Retreats and Conclaves to help CEO’s and executives to formulate, set, prioritize and achieve corporate objectives and plans. Over the past several years, we have moderated Senior level and General Secretariat meetings for a large UN agency. Such meetings are facilitated by a leading psychologist, business and communication expert and we are specialised in bringing about dialogue in complex situations.

Mediation/Conflict Arbitration and Resolution – Our specialists are experienced in psychology, non-verbal behaviour, conciliation and arbitration techniques.
They can assist you in identifying sources of conflict and how to manage these within your organisation or with clients and third parties.

We recently created coaching workshops to help resolve highly emotionally-loaded issues related to the use of criticism by members of an international Philharmonic Orchestra and its management.


Trust Issues – We are specialised in the analysis of trust-building factors and the development of trust-building measures. Dr. Chipman writes on this subject for important finance and economics publications.

Reputation Management – Our work on Trust issues has numerous implications for the reputation of an organisation, a company or an individual. time4com helps identify the main determinants of reputation and how to apply them effectively. It also advises on how to re-build a reputation after a crisis.


Project Management – time4com workshops include all aspects of strategic planning as well as successful implementation.

Development of Surveys and Assessments – We have expert knowledge in the development of surveys and assessments and recently consulted a large-scale survey for members of a UN agency.